"Green Fairy" Alpha 2 due for next week

posted 12 Oct 2016, 14:57 by João Carneiro
Work on the second Alpha of GSK GeoPack 2.0 "Green Fairy" continues on a leisurely pace. Has you might know, this second alpha will add kriging (ordinary and simple) and Sequential Gaussian Simulation to "Green Fairy" and represents a major milestone in terms of usability as from this point on, "Green Fairy" will surpass the capabilities of GSK GeoPack 1.1. The kriging implementation is much faster at is basis and on top of that can use the multi-processing abilities of Mathematica.

This release will also include some bugfixes on previously released code and some tutorial notebooks. A teaser image of Sequential Gaussian Simulation has you will find in the tutorial notebooks being built right now is shown below. Its a classical test data set of lead contamination with 99 samples available (which is also part of the kitchen's site graphics at this time!).