GSK 2.0 - Its late but it will be (probably) 3D

posted 26 Jul 2013, 11:32 by João Carneiro   [ updated 26 Jul 2013, 11:33 ]
Late July was said in here that it would be the release date of GeoPack 2.0. Some (detected) minor bugs to remove and a lot of documentation to do. Well, July is a hellish month and phd related work got heavily on the  way, so it will take a will longer and probably it will be released only with minimal documentation in order not be that late ...

THE GOOD NEWS exist however:
  •   SLB Eclipse style Corner Point geometry can now be handled in Mathematica once import of the COORD and ZCORN keywords is done.In the picture the geometry of the PUNQS-3 reservoir can be seen, Imported and plotted. This opens very interesting possibilities when coupled with good news number 2:
  • Kriging & simulation are now possible in 3D in a reasonable time: that can be accomplished by combining classical spiral search (purple line in graph) with a spiral search that takes advantage of the SparseArray construct of Mathematica (blue line). kriging uses the sparse-based spiral only. Simulation will start with one and when the simulation grid is populated enough it will change to the classical spiral