GSK GeoPack 1.0 "Yellow Mickey"

posted 16 Jan 2012, 07:53 by João Carneiro   [ updated 16 Jan 2012, 07:56 ]
And only fifteen days away from public (beta) release, here comes the feature List you can expect from the 1.0 beta version of our package:

GSK GeoPack 1.0 “Yellow Mickey” Feature List:

  • Experimental variography (2D)
  • Interactive variogram fitter 
  • Simple Kriging (Point based)
  • Ordinary Kriging (Point Based)
  • Simple Kriging (Grid Based)
  • Ordinary Kriging (Grid Based)
  • Gridding Tools
  • Plot Tools
  • Documentation system & Update Checker

A detailed description of the listed features will follow on one of the next posts,

Stay Tuned :)