GSK GeoPack Tip #1 & News

posted 6 Feb 2012, 18:48 by João Carneiro

Hello everyone!

An important tip for those of you who downloaded GSK GeoPack 1.0:

Be sure to Type "GSKgeopack/guide/GSKgeopack" on the mathematica help search box to get the GSK GeoPack Guide! Check out also the included tutorial which showcases a typical geostatistical analysis.

A minor update of update of GeoPack "Yellow Mickey" is being readied to be released next week. It will contain an update checker and message fetcher so you can receive important messages from the GSK team directly on your Mathematica notebooks! IDW and polygon influence estimation methods will also be included. Some customized Plot functions for estimation purposes may also find its way into "Yellow Mickey"

Happy Kriging People!