Work on Second "Green Fairy" started (and other stuff...)

posted 30 Sep 2016, 11:00 by João Carneiro
After a break that lasted from the 1st of August to today, again time is available to proceed with GSK GeoPack 2.0. Work on the second Alpha (go here to have a feature list) has been started today and its release is expected before the end of October (no promises).
The Alpha 2 release will exceed by far in capabilities and performance the now very old GSK GeoPack 1.1 and will be much more useful as kriging and SGS will be included. 

In parallel with the review and release of "Green Fairy" Alphas, other projects are on the forge that will cross to new realms: additionally to the "Geostatistics" keyword, two additional ones will be added to the kitchen mantras: "Python" and "Machine Learning". 
One will be dropped: "Mathematica" :( ...