GeoPack 1.1

The current version of GeoPack is 1.1 Beta "Yellow Mickey". Get it below in Google Drive file Listing. Mind that this version is no longer being developed but you have access to the full code (BSD Licence)

For the new stuff check the new Mathematica section.

Existing Features

GSK GeoPack 1.1 “Yellow Mickey” Feature List:
  • Weighted Variograms
  • Two deterministic estimation methods added (Polygon and Inverse Weigthed Distance)
  • Various bugfixes

GSK GeoPack 1.0 “Yellow Mickey” Feature List:

  • Experimental variography (2D)
  • Interactive variogram fitter 
  • Simple Kriging (Point based)
  • Ordinary Kriging (Point Based)
  • Gridding Tools
  • Plot Tools
  • Documentation system 


GSK GeoPack 1.1


This tutorial is available for download above. The notebook (*.nb) version is lost to the sands of time so you will have to do with the pdf version ...